Even though we always handle the goods in a professional way, there are risks with a transport ranging from weather factors, thefts and not least the human factor.

When there’s damage

It is the recipient of the goods who must notice and note damage. The recipient must always make the driver aware of any deviations and have this noted on the consignment note, receipt list or via electronic receipt. As the owner of the goods, it is always you who must produce and prove your claim. Always handle a claim immediately and send in your claim as soon as you have all the documentation to substantiate the claim. The more processing time you send, the faster the processing time.

Here’s how to submit a claims report:

Freight control, check that the correct number of packages has been received. Inspect goods / packaging if there is visible damage.
In the event of a deviation, make the driver aware and note a deviation on the driver’s bill of loading, receipt list or via electronic receipt.
Concealed damage that is not visible on the packaging upon receipt and is only discovered during unpacking. This must be notified in writing within 7 days.
Always take photos of the goods and packaging. Goods and packaging must be saved. The goods may not be returned, repaired or discarded before JATA Cargo has given the go-ahead.
In case of missing goods, contact JATA Cargo. The freight forwarder has 60 days to find the goods.


When JATA Cargo has received all the documentation, we start handling the matter immediately.

Liability provisions

According to current transport law, the compensation may in some cases be limited.

For domestic transport, the compensation is limited to 150 sek / kg, ie. the total compensation for goods weighing 10 kg is SEK 1500. For road transport in Europe, the compensation is limited to 8.33 SDR, which corresponds to approx. SEK 80-90 / kg, for air transport approx. SEK 220 / kg and for sea transports 8900: – / package or 20: – / kg. In addition to this, the carrier is not liable for compensation in the event of e.g. substandard packaging and force majeure. Compensation for missing goods is paid after 60 days.