Currency Adjustment & Fuels January 2022

Currency & Fuels January 2022 Country Currency Fuel Baltics 22,03% 39,97% Belgium 21,01% 39,97% Denmark 15,91% 39,97% Finland 22,03% 39,97% France 21,01% 39,97% Holland 21,01% 39,97% Ireland 0.00% 39,23% Italy 22,45% 39,97% Norway 10,56% 39,97% Poland 10,20% 39,97% Portugal 21,01% 39,97% Switzerland 28,46% 39,97% Spain 21,01% 39,97% UK 0.00% 39,23% Czech Republic 22,05% 39,97% Germany […]

Christmas and New Year 2021-2022

Before the Christmas and New Year weekend, we want to remind our customers to plan and book the transports well in advance. Note that the capacity of units, tractors and space on ferries is limited during the weekends. We do our best to meet your transport needs, but this can mean extended lead times. Donwload

Lack of capacity in the United Kingdom and Ireland

To our customers at JATA Cargo In the wake of both COVID-19 and Brexit with major changes in the rest of the world and perhaps especially in the UK, we have for a long time seen that it has become more difficult to find tractor vehicle capacity. This is mainly due to a shortage of […]