To our customers at JATA Cargo

In the wake of both COVID-19 and Brexit with major changes in the rest of the world and perhaps especially in the UK, we have for a long time seen that it has become more difficult to find tractor vehicle capacity. This is mainly due to a shortage of drivers. The British authorities have estimated that there are about 100,000 drivers missing, this is mainly due to the fact that the foreign drivers have chosen not to stay in the UK due to Brexit and the ongoing pandemic.

The above has led to demand being much greater than supply, with sharp price increases as a result. This means that in order to ensure capacity, we will introduce a capacity supplement on all shipments from and to the UK as of July 15:th as follows: SEK 9.20 per 100 kg with a minimum of SEK 60.

JATA Cargo will do everything we can to solve your needs. We follow developments closely and will update our customers as we receive more information.