We are approaching the summer vacation period. The period extends from week 26 through week 36.

During this period we ask you to book your transports well in advance, as the capacity is limited due to the shipping companies prioritizing passenger traffic before freight traffic.

Some countries in Europe also introduce driving restrictions for heavy traffic during the vacation period. We do our best to meet your transport needs, but this can mean extended lead times.

This year vacation period may also be affected by the fact that several countries that have had severe restrictions due to COVID-19 are now reopening, which could increase demand for goods and transportation. In combination with vacation traffic, this can create a lack of capacity with extended lead times as a result.

We ask for your understanding of the possible impacts that we cannot anticipate and thus do not plan for, not least due to COVID-19.

If you have transports that can not wait, contact JATA Cargo for the best solution.

If you have any questions regarding the above contact us for more information.